We believe our clients are best-served by a consultative, client-driven process, with the attention of two Partners on every search.   We develop custom search solutions, tailored for our clients’ strategy, needs and culture.  

We engage in a limited number of partnerships on a relationship-driven, long-term basis, thus enabling us to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s organizational culture and ensuring the optimal candidate “fit”.

Through a combination of our team’s unique, varied backgrounds and extensive networks, we maximize coverage of today’s marketplace and can swiftly locate, engage and assess true value executives.

We source candidates through our proven research-based methodology that targets and identifies appropriate, high caliber executives. This research-driven approach is complemented by a robust and continually updated database of senior executives, and by a strong and actively cultivated network that we constantly develop and access.

This gives us an edge in attracting the most qualified executives and an inclusive candidate shortlist.