We are committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical standards and integrity with both clients and candidates and, as such, make every effort to ensure that our methodology and process is transparent during the entirety of each search project.

  1. Briefing

    A thorough briefing is an essential preliminary to every search.  We invest time at the outset to understand the strategic and tactical issues facing our clients and their industries, as well as their culture, in order to be able to represent the client organization to the greatest possible advantage and therefore attract potential candidates.

  2. Assignment Specification

    Following the briefing, Bridge Partners provides the client with a comprehensive Assignment Specification, based on the briefing discussions and any internal job descriptions.  This document is used to inform and attract potential candidates – it introduces the company, describes the position in more detail, and specifies the characteristics sought in the person to be appointed.  It also confirms that we have fully understood your requirements.

  3. Research

    Bridge Partners’ approach to search is strongly research-based; we carry out original market and candidate research for every assignment undertaken.  This process is vital to the successful completion of a search.  The research is comprehensive and the results are made available to you.

  4. Job Postings (where appropriate)

    In conjunction with our research process, we will also receive, consider and administer responses to any internal job-postings, referrals and advertisements, often including internal candidates.  We will appropriately contact each individual and will benchmark them against the position specification.

  5. Progress Reports

    We provide every client with a full and comprehensive progress report of all individuals we have targeted for a specific search, including their level of interest in the specific opportunity, as well as marketplace insight gained in relation to the role or the client company.

  6. Candidate Development

    Potential candidates are contacted, introduced to the search opportunity, developed and pre-screened.  Appropriate, high caliber candidates will be interviewed either in person or via video-conference by the lead consultants.

  7. Submission of Candidates/Shortlist

    Bridge Partners will select from the interviewees a shortlist of the best-qualified candidates.  These individuals are then presented to the client, in the form of a report consisting of the candidates’ career resumes with detailed background comment and opinion.

  8. Appointment

    Following the necessary interviews with the client organization, an offer of employment will be extended to the preferred candidate.  Bridge Partners conducts thorough reference checks and we will assist the client with the often delicate formulation of a suitable compensation package as well as offer negotiation.

  9. Post Appointment Review

    We make a point of contacting the client and the appointed candidate periodically to ensure that expectations are being met by all parties.

To date, Bridge Partners LLC’s average assignment completion time, from briefing to the candidate’s acceptance of an offer, is just over 7 weeks.